Weekly Payments of Compensation for incapacity – QLD

You may need to work fewer hours or take time off work as a result of a work related injury. Your doctor will include this information on your workers’ compensation medical certificate and, if you have an accepted claim, you may be entitled to weekly compensation for lost wages during the time you can’t work.

The level of compensation you receive depends on the:

  • length of time you are certified as unfit for work
  • injury date
  • length of claim
  • whether there is an industrial instrument in place, such as an award or workplace agreement.

When will weekly compensation payments stop?

Your entitlement to weekly compensation stops when the first of the following happens:

  • you return to work and are no longer injured
  • you receive a lump-sum offer
  • you have been receiving weekly payments for five years
  • your total weekly compensation reaches the maximum amount payable.