We have represented over 5000 clients in relation to various issues. As a result, we have too many positive testimonials to publish on this page so here is a sample of our previous clients’ testimonials:

  • Thanks so much for everything, I am glad it is over and you did a great job. – KB, 13.01.2012
  • Thank you so much for your hard work over the years. I’m glad we settled, it is a massive relief for me. – JR, 12.06.2012
  • This is a great result and accept the offer and would like to thank you for all the work you have done to archive this. – AC, 22.04.2013
  • Capital handled my recent conveyance well and competently and at a good price. – JR, 17.12.2013
  • I would like to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. I appreciate all the time and effort you have spent on this and wish you all the best. If we ever need anything else we will definitely be in touch. – ML, 29.04.2014
  • Thank you very much, I am very pleased with the settlement. – WS, 09.02.2015
  • Many thanks for your excellent service. – PL, 08.05.2015
  • We give much praise and thanks to you for your conduct through out this case. – GB, 22.10.2015
  • Over the last few months, whilst my son has been in the process of buying a business with have had the pleasure of dealing with your staff. They were efficient, courteous, accommodating and caring. They went way beyond the role that was needed and it was a wonderful to see staff with such dedication and stamina. I would not recommend you highly enough. – TF, 29.10.2015
  • Thank you for your services in being the care-taker of my case. I couldn’t have achieved this outcome without you, I believe. – AC, 22.02.2016
  • I would like to thank you for your support and guidance through the workers compensation process. I believe we got the best outcome possible today and I thank you all. – KS, 08.04.2016

Motor Accidents – Josh’s Story

This is a true story, only the names have been changed.

Josh is a happy and boisterous 8 year old boy. Two years ago Josh was hit by a car when he was riding his push bike to school. Josh’s injuries could have been much worse, he had to go to hospital by ambulance and then he required urgent medical treatment.

Josh’s mum, Helen, contacted the insurance company. They agreed to pay for the cost of his treatment. They also offered to pay $10,000 compensation for Josh’s injuries plus his treatment costs.

Helen thought about accepting the offer, she was worried about the cost of seeing a solicitor for advice and was not sure that a lawyer would be able to get a better result for Josh.

Helen decide to have a chat with Capital Lawyers about Josh’s case and the offer of settlement.

Helen thought she has nothing to lose by getting some initial advice form Capital Lawyers. The first meeting was free and she did not have to keep using them if she didn’t want to. Josh was fortunate that his mum decided to see Capital Lawyers.

Capital Lawyers advised Helen to reject the insurance company’s offer and sat down with her and worked out that Josh’s claim was really worth.

Capital Lawyers started legal proceedings for damages and got the necessary evidence from Josh’s doctors.

The matter did not go to court, but because Capital Lawyers were fighting hard for Josh the insurance company agreed to pay $50,000 compensation for Josh’s injuries plus his medical expenses and legal costs.

The money from the insurance company will pay for any treatment Josh needs in the future and the rest will be there for him when he reaches 18.

Because Josh is a child all his legal costs were paid by the insurance company.

At the end of the day, Capital Lawyers got Josh 5 times what the insurance company originally offered and it didn’t cost Josh or his Mum a cent.

The lawyer you have does make a difference.


The Case of the Dodgy Ladder

The case of the dodgy ladder. This is a true story: Mr E was a carpenter who fell off a ladder at work in 1984 and injured his neck and back. Mr E hoped he would recover from his injury, unfortunately he did not. He could do light work but he couldn’t find another job because no employer would take him on with his injuries.

Mr E’s next misfortune happened when he chose a solicitor to get him compensation. In 1986 he saw a solicitor. After several years his claim had still not been lodged at the Court. His solicitor told him that his case was worth $70,000.

11 years later Mr E still had the same solicitor and still had no compensation. The Insurance company even refirsed to pay for his medical treatment.

Mr E finally got fed up and asked a barrister he knew who could help him. Finally Mr E’s luck changed! He was given Daniel Steiner ‘s name as a person who made things happen, who got results, who fought hard for clients and got thern the best result possible. Eight months after seeing Daniel, Mr E’s case went to Court. On the steps of Court the Insurance Company offered to pay $150,000 for his injuries, medical expenses and legal costs. Mr E accepted the advice of Capital Lawyers and rejected the offer.

Mr E was awarded over $350,000 for his injuries and the Insurance Company had to pay extra for his legal costs. While this will not fix his injuries or get him a job it will make life for him and his family easier.

Mr E was unlucky that he had an accident, but he was very fortunate that he had Capital Lawyers on his side fighting for him. Capital Lawyers make things happen and get you the best possible result.