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icon_fixedfeeCapital Lawyers is able to offer conveyancing for the sale or purchase of your residential property in the ACT and NSW at a very special price.

We organise your lender to discharge or provide funds for settlement.

Central location with lift access and easy parking.

All our work is covered by full professional indemnity insurance and the ACT Law Society Fildelity Fund – you’ll never need it but it’s good to know it’s there.


Why not call us? – it won’t cost you cent to find out.

About our Fixed Fee

  • In the unlikely event that small hiccups arise in your purchase or sale we do not charge additional fees for extra meetings with you or your agent to iron out those problems and complete the conveyance quickly and hassle free.
  • When comparing our fees with those of others make sure that there are no hidden extras, or that the costs can rise.

About Conveyancing at Capital Lawyers.

  • We have a dedicated property section to give you the proper expertise and personal service that you need.
  • As we are Legal Practitioners, our work is fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and the ACT and NSW Law Society Fidelity Fund. We are sure that you will never have any reason to be dissatisfied with our work, but it is reassuring to know that you have more security than just our word and reputation.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or would like us to help you with the sale or purchase of your property.

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  1. Comcare – Administers the Commonwealth workers compensation scheme:
  2. NSW Motor Accidents Authority – Contains information in relation to NSW Motor Vehicle accidents:
  3. Worksafe ACT – Contains information in relation to the ACT Workers Compensation Scheme:
  4. NSW Workcover Authority – Contains information in relation to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme:
  5. NSW Workers Compensation Commission – Resolves workers compensation claim disputes in NSW:
  6. Medicare:
  7. Centrelink:
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  1. Medicare Third Party Authority: Medicare Third Party Authority – 00146751.pdf
  2. Conditional Cost Agreement: Conditional Costs Agreement – 00148040.doc
  3. Authority to Release Medical Information: Medical Authority – 00148043.doc
  4. Authority to Release Confidential Information: Authority to Release Confidential Information – 00148041.doc
  5. ACT Accident Notification Form: ACT Personal Injury Claim Notification.pdf
  6. ACT Workers Compensation Claim Form – Incapacitated worker: 2002-88.rtf
  7. ACT Workers Compensation Claim Form – Dependent of worker: 2002-89.rtf
  8. ACT Workers Compensation Medical Certificate: 2004-3.rtf
  9. NSW Workers Compensation Claim Form: workers_injury_claim_form_5299.pdf
  10. NSW Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity: workcover-certificate-capacity-1300.pdf
  11. NSW Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim Form: NSW MVA Claim Form.pdf
  12. ACT Motor Accident Notification Form: MVA – Notification Form.pdf