Today, business in Australia is increasingly competitive and consequently business owners must have cost-effective practical legal services and solutions to legal problems. Capital Lawyers will provide practical services and solutions as we have expertise in wide range of contract law inclusive of commercial business, company, information technology, and industrial matters – at the contract formation stage right through to contractual dispute should it arise.

Capital Lawyers will help you by providing you as a business and/or corporate client, national or local, with unparalleled service in relation to all contractual matters, for example trade-construction contracts, licensing, leasing or agreements for products and services. This allows your business to grow because you can get on with business, while we manage your legal issues. We will advise on and prepare the necessary documentation to facilitate, for example, sale or purchase of a business, incorporation of companies, trust deeds, Powers of Attorney and any other contract or deed required in connection with your business affairs.


If a contractual dispute arises – be it small debt recovery in the Magistrates Court to large Supreme Court or Federal Court litigation – we will handle it professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Did you know that…

  1. Thousands of businesses each year go into liquidation/ receivership because they fail to manage contracts and debts effectively and efficiently – Don’t let this happen to you!
  2. A company or group of companies is not allowed to engage in any conduct which lessens competition in the market – If you are affected by such conduct, you may be entitled to sue for monetary compensation.
  3. A company or person is not allowed to be misleading or deceptive in a commercial dealing especially if a contract is involved – this often happens when buying a business. If you have been misled or deceived, you may be entitled to sue for monetary compensation.
  4. A director of a company has a legal obligation to the company and its shareholders to act in the best interests of the company. An aggrieved shareholder is able to sue a director who breaches this duty for damages.
  5. A discretionary trust is a lawful and useful way of distributing income to your family members.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Commercial Litigation Fees*

  • Partners – $385.00 per hour
  • Solicitors – $275.00 per hour
  • Support Staff – $82.50 per hour

All prices include GST.
This work is billed on a monthly basis, irrespective of outcome of case.

* Includes Deeds, Power of Attorney, Leases etc.


    Useful Links »

  1. Comcare – Administers the Commonwealth workers compensation scheme: www.comcare.gov.au
  2. NSW Motor Accidents Authority – Contains information in relation to NSW Motor Vehicle accidents: www.maa.nsw.gov.au
  3. Worksafe ACT – Contains information in relation to the ACT Workers Compensation Scheme: www.worksafe.act.gov.au
  4. NSW Workcover Authority – Contains information in relation to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme: www.workcover.nsw.gov.au
  5. NSW Workers Compensation Commission – Resolves workers compensation claim disputes in NSW: www.wcc.nsw.gov.au
  6. Medicare: www.medicare.gov.au
  7. Centrelink: www.centrelink.gov.au
    Useful Forms »

  1. Medicare Third Party Authority: Medicare Third Party Authority – 00146751.pdf
  2. Conditional Cost Agreement: Conditional Costs Agreement – 00148040.doc
  3. Authority to Release Medical Information: Medical Authority – 00148043.doc
  4. Authority to Release Confidential Information: Authority to Release Confidential Information – 00148041.doc
  5. ACT Accident Notification Form: ACT Personal Injury Claim Notification.pdf
  6. ACT Workers Compensation Claim Form – Incapacitated worker: 2002-88.rtf
  7. ACT Workers Compensation Claim Form – Dependent of worker: 2002-89.rtf
  8. ACT Workers Compensation Medical Certificate: 2004-3.rtf
  9. NSW Workers Compensation Claim Form: workers_injury_claim_form_5299.pdf
  10. NSW Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity: workcover-certificate-capacity-1300.pdf
  11. NSW Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim Form: NSW MVA Claim Form.pdf
  12. ACT Motor Accident Notification Form: MVA – Notification Form.pdf