Funeral Expenses – NSW

Dependants, or where there are no dependants, the estate, of a worker who dies on or after 24 October 2007 as a result of a workplace injury that occurred on or after 30 June 1987, are entitled to:

  • a lump sum
  • weekly payments for each dependant child
  • reasonable funeral expenses

Funeral expenses are limited to a maximum amount of $9,000 and can include the:

  • funeral director’s professional fees
  • cost of the funeral service (including cremation or burial)
  • coffin
  • mourning car
  • cemetery site
  • flowers
  • newspaper notice
  • death certificate

Dependant children

A dependant child can be a child or step child of a worker who was wholly or partially dependent for support on on them at the time of the worker’s death. A dependant child may be entitled to weekly payments of support until they reach the age of 16 or, if they remain a student, until the age of 21.