Medical, Hospital and Rehabilitation Expenses – QLD

Once your claim has been accepted, WorkCover Queensland may pay reasonable medical and rehabilitation expenses relating to your claim.

Expenses paid

  • medical treatment by a registered person, for example a doctor, dentist or physiotherapist
  • surgical and hospital expenses and medicines essential to the worker’s recovery, for example bandages or prescription drugs.
  • rehabilitation treatment and equipment or services needed to help the worker recover, for example: wheelchairs, crutches, or return to work services.
  • travelling expenses for the worker’s medical treatment, rehabilitation or examination by a registered person.


WorkCover may cover the hospital costs of a work-related injury for:

  • non-elective hospitalisation up to four days
  • non-elective hospitalisation for more than four days, only when agreed to between WorkCover and the worker, before the hospitalisation or any extension of the hospitalisation
  • elective hospitalisation only when agreed to between WorkCover and the worker before the hospitalisation.

Expenses not covered

  • treatment by a non-registered person including most alternative medicine treatments (for example massage and acupuncture unless provided by a registered practitioner such as a physiotherapist, doctor or Chinese Medicine practitioner registered for acupuncture)
  • some travel expenses, such as trips less than 20km, one way or if there is a closer treatment provider, but the worker chooses to attend another further away
  • unauthorised hospital costs